Insoles bevellers and special articles

Model F1 Ø250

Fresa a 16 denti modello A.B. Ø44
Insoles beveller
Utilization: leather board

Cutters for insoles model F/3041

Fresa a 16 denti modello AX16 Ø42
Insoles beveller with knives
Utilization: leatherboard

Special articles

Equalizing cutter model EMT/320 Ø62

Fresa ugualizzatrice EMT/320
Equalizing cutter with knives
Utilization: leather

Model COL 4694

Coltello ugualizzatrice 4694
Knives for equalizing

Model COL 4696

Coltello ugualizzatrice 4696
Knives for equalizing

Model COL 4698

Coltello ugualizzatrice 4698
Knives for equalizing

Carding tool model N 244 Ø17

Raspa modello N 244 Ø17
Carding tool for roughing the uppers
Carbide teeth

Switching chanel cutters and knives

Fresini e coltelli per cucitura

Pantograph tools for templates

Utensile per realizzare el dime su pantografo

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