Cutters for heels and clogs

Cutter Model H.RDL Ø 80.90.100

Fresa modello H.RDL Ø80.90.100
Cuuter for heels and soles (pretrimming)
9 - 12 teeth (with chipbreaker and smooth)
Utilization: E.V.A.

Cutter model HF.P7.SV Ø 62

Fresa modello HF.P7.SV Ø62
Cutter to hollow the top of heels
9 teeth
Utilization: wood, leather, hardboard

TAZ Ø 140-160-180

TAZ Ø 140-160-180
Cutters for cuttingthe front part of heels
Utilization: wood, hardboard

Cutter Model HF.SCS.C Ø 80.90.100

Cutter model HF.SCS.C Ø80.90.100
Cutter for soles and heels
Utilization: wood

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